Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Post 30: And the shame is upon me

After enjoying a bank holiday weekend bbq-ing, preceded by a week in which I'd enjoyed the delights of the pub, a new curry shop and a fine fish and chip emporium. what was that about healthier?

I had a glut of vegetables. I looked in the half used bags to piece together last night's chicken roast. Pulling things out of the bags, beyond redemption was purple broccoli, some unidentifiable leaves and a celeriac. I might argue that celeriac is pretty much beyond redemption in any case.

However: last week's marking is 1/10 for veg box ness. I shall get back on the good foot.


  1. Just clicked on Ad '£94,000/Month with a Blog'. Does that mean I'm helping it to become true?
    D'ya think I could do it? Naaah, I was always better with numbers than words. xx

  2. Given how much I'm earning from adsense, I'd recommend a paper round as an easier route to your fortune.


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