Saturday, 18 April 2009

Post 25: Pork Chop Casserole

For my silver jubilee posting, I've tried a new recipe. As ever it involved an attempt to use the remnants of the veg box and aside from a little kale, I declare this week's efforts a success.

Here's my pork casserole recipe:
- 4 pork chops (I looked at other recipes, and they said to seal the meat and I did - but I'm not sure there was any benefit to this)
- 3 little onions, chopped and fried in paprika and garlic
- 1 turnip in cubes
- 3 spuds, again cubed
- 6 leeks cut smallish
- 1 celeriac cut small and fried in more paprika - just to ensure extra paprika-y nicenesses
- 1 x passata, 1/3rd bottle of red wine and veg stock to fill my pot

All this I cooked slowly for a couple of hours and the result was: still hard veggies and a thin gravy. I then turned it up a bit, getting a good bubble going in the pot and gave it for another couple of hours. The result was a beautiful, flavoursome slurry - exactly what I'd been after.

Now, what should I do with that bloody kale?

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