Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Post 14: Two Cauli's for Pahnnd. Get your Cauliflowers here!

That's what the bloke on the market might have been shouting. If he'd been doing any shouting that is. As it was, he had a little sign saying some Cauli's that were clearly just starting to turn were 50p each. In like Flynn I was.

So, I this Cauliflower frenzy with:
- two medium onions
- 5 chillies
- Two big hand fulls of spuds
- three tins chick peas
- assorted curry spices (mainly madras curry powder)
- some veg stock and some passata (the blended stuff, not the stuff with basil in)

The passata was only added to make the colour a little less brown. This made about 10 pretty handsome portions. Must have cost oooh, nearly £4 the lot - including the rice (which was also on special). It was in effect the bastard son of what you'd get if you ordered some aloo gobi and then some chat on the side - but we had it all in the one dish for the main course. A touch runnier than a curry shop version, but that worked ok for it being the only dish of the day.

I had a look at what it would've cost for buy this off the shelf, and the nearest I could see in Tesco's was their Vegetable curry at £1.61 for 300g - by my very rough reckoning, this would equate to £16 for the same amount of curry and the Tesco's price is doesn't include the rice. The shop one also includes cream - so mine must be healthier too.

Victory is mine!

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