Monday, 23 March 2009

Post 10: And the repeats have started already

What could be finer on a windswept sunday than a roast chicken. I suppose a roasted chicken on a not-so-windswept sunday.

This week in a sign of the oncoming spring sprunging, we got purple brocoli for the first time. Very nice it was too. And this was the only change from last week's roast chicken dinner. But really, what is there to say about a chicken dinner? How can you go wrong, it's hard for it not to turn out nice, isn't it?

I also managed see the veg box lady and she says I don't have to have stir-fry (nettle-looking) leaves or Jerusalem artichokes. I know, I should be loving all veggies equally and showing wit and imagination in the cooking of these things; but I'm buggered if I can get anyone to eat them. So, the box may be slightly duller but more of it should get eaten.

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