Monday, 9 March 2009

Man alive, it's day 5

On inspection of this week's bag, it contained:
  • Spuds & Carrots 750g, Parsnips 600g, White onions 500g, Red onions 400g, 1 x Swede, 1 x Cabbage Jan King, Sprouts 300g, 3 x Leek and 150gs of Stir Fry Leaves

All in, it's a pretty nice mixed bag as they mightt have said on Ready Steady Cook. I'm not keen on the sitr fry leaves though; Stir-Fry is a verb, and they always appear to me to be something akin to sweepings up.

However, I made an excellent start on munching my way through the bag, starting with a lunch of cheese and red onion sandwiches. Very nice too with a little salad cream.

Then onto a pretty standard sunday tea, of roasted Chicken, potato and swede mash, roasted carrots and a plethora of sprouts. Whilst doing the rest of the weekly shop, I found for 30p a big bag of sprouts - so I thought we'd double up on those. There was a clear difference between the two. The ones from the shop were big, firm and even in size. The ones from the veg box were smaller, variable sized, mucky and the leaves were falling apart a bit. There was though very little comparison when it came to taste. The veg box ones were sweet and tasty. The shop ones were big dull gobstoppers. I'd say lesson learned - but it's probably not and a bargain is a bargain after all!

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