Friday, 6 March 2009

Day 2:Vegetable curry

After last night's departure from the healthy way, I got round to the vegetable curry. This was formed from most of the stuff I had left in my veg box and a couple of ringers, going along the lines of:

  • From the veg box: two medium onions, one biggish cauliflower
  • From the grocer's: a smallish packet of okra, two heads of brocoli, four cloves garlic and five hot chilis
  • From *the bad place* rice, spices, one tin chick peas, passata, 2 pints of stock

Time to prepare - 20 minutes to chop everything and fry the onions. Then left a-simmering to a sludgey consistency for another hour and a half. Beautiful.


Health: Robert Millar's Tee

Ease: Doddle

Taste: Pretty good, although too much cauli is too much. But hey it's all used up

Greenness: Fresh mown lawn. All the main bits were local and fresh, just topped up with a few supermarket sweeps.

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