Monday, 18 February 2013

287: Far East Food-a-logue

As irregular readers of this very irregular blog will know, I love a holiday. I have just returned from a cruise from Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Wasn't bad if you like luxury, interesting sights and sunshine.

But what dear readers, I'm sure you're all keen to know is - what did I stuff my face with en-route? Some of the delights, I managed to photograph, so here goes.

In Pennag there's a food market which instantly makes you feel like Rick Stein. It's an open market and down each side there's stalls all of which served different dishes. By most people's standards I'm a pretty adventurous eater, but there were a few things a little too out there for me, fish head soup and chicken feet with mystery accompanyments.
I settled myself for some noodles, which were simply marked as being 'special'. They were pretty nice for a pound but special might be over-egging it a bit. Speaking of which, everywhere out there seemed to go along with my own view that a fried egg improves most things.
We had a trip to the Batu caves just outside Kuala Lumpur. Which in the best possible way was quite an assault on the eyes. Here's the sweeties in the market. But everything else was beauttifully bright too. There had seem a festival at the weekend which involved giving milk as an offering, so the whole place was a bit whiffy. 
On to Thailand, I had more noodles, but I was most impressed with the ice-delivery man, the observant will also note that he's got a fag on. An extra touch of class that, I thought.
The market stalls were pretty interesting. Plenty of them sell Durian fruits. Which are so stinky that apparently some hotels charge an excess if you take one to your room. Apparently they taste nice, but it appears quite a risk. But these things looked much nicer, although I'm not sure what half of them are.
In Thailand the street bbq wagons are pretty good. It's 50p a stick, unless you go for a chicken leg which are a pound. There's options of beef, pork, chicken, chicken wing, chicken leg for flash  harrys and then at the back chicken heart, lung and livers. Nice!
In Singapore I had some Hor Fun noodles, which from the vast description appear to be legendary. Being an ingrate I couldn't understand a word of it. But I did get to understand they were beef and once again came with a fried egg on top. Another win, although Edwina Curry would've had a hear attack seeing the egg: it was the egg equivalent of a blue steak.
Last of all, here's a Singapore Sling - which was the only time I felt ripped off all trip. But you've just got to have one while you're there.


Apologies for the poor layout of this, somehow I seem to be struggling to get the pics to go where I want them to.



  1. It's bad enough that you and Mrs VBB spend your time travelling the world but now you feel the need to make the rest of us feel extra jealous by sharing your adventures with us;) I would have to have had a SIngapore Sling at Raffles too but would give the chicken lungs a miss. Where's next on the VBB/Chalmers itinerary?

  2. Now that is some holiday. Hard to even imagine the sun at the moment, never mind all that steamy street food.

    What's happened? Your irregular blog has come to a complete standstill.


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