Sunday, 25 March 2012

274: Chorizo Rice Soup

My recent lack of bloggering has been caused by holiday preparations, holiday (much joy), and then having nothing much in the house post-holiday. However, this lack of food in the house proved to be the inspiration for this dish. Due to this, both my good lady wife and I found ourselves seperately lunching in Pret A Manger and returning home to discuss the high price and ordinaryness of their soups. (To be fair to Pret, they are only getting a mention here as they are the best soup/sandwich emporium in Leeds.)

Even so, there was a strong focus on our producing ourselves some soup which would suffice for an entire lunch. Two forces combined (1) We had some chorizo in (2) We've always both liked M&S's Chicken and Rice soup. So, there it was, our plan and our lunches to be: Chorizo Rice Soup.

  • One Chorizio ring, outer skin peeled and chopped into ~1cm cubes (quartered across wise)
  • Two Medium onions chopped reasonably small
  • 2 medium carrots diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, again chopped
  • 1 courgette, again chopped into ~1cm cubes
  • Basmati Rice about a cup full
  • 2-3 Pints stock
  • Spice: hot paprika
  • Fried the chorizo and onions together. I did not add any further oil, as enough would be released from the chorizo
  • Added the garlic
  • Added and fried off the courgette to give it a little colour
  • Added rice and gave it a good coating in all the spicy oil
  • Added the carrot
  • Started adding stock and simmering, ladle at a time - risotto style
  • Once the rice was cooked, we took it off the heat and then decided it was too far along in the direction of sloppy risotto; so we added more stock until we achieved the right consistency.
  • A taste test showed that it would be improved by additional spice, so some paprika was added (and salt and pepper of course)
The overall effect was much as we'd been after; somewhere between a soup and a risotto in consistency. I think it would've been improved by some chilli; but then I think that about most food stufffs.

From this pan we got 6 portions costing around £3, while Pret soup is likewise around £3 but for each. I wouldn't claim this soup as a masterpiece or any such; but it was every bit as nice as the one I'd bought. So, all in we can consider this to be a pretty good result!

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  1. I like your thinking here and I love the soup... risotto just makes everything so creamy... Pret clearly need to start worrying!


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