Tuesday, 23 August 2011

254: Got any Garlic?

My 2nd favourite joke goes like....

A Duck walks in to a bar and says to the Barman "Got any bread?"
Barman "No, sorry"
Duck "Got any bread?"
Barman "No, I told you I haven't"
Duck "Got any bread?"
Barman "No - and if you ask again, I'll nail your beak to the bar"
Duck "Got any nails?"
Barman "No"
Duck "Got any bread?"

I still don't really know why it makes me laugh. But if a Duck were to pop round my house and ask if I have any Garlic, I'd be able to spare him some.
This is the first crop out of my garden. In addition to this, I've also got another dozen bulbs in my work's allotment (at which I'm the only grower - yay!) and some more in a bucket.

They all seem to have come out ok; although the bucket ones are a bit small. I tried drying them outside; but it kept raining, so I've trimmed them and put them in a (big) bowl on the kitchen window. Handy for cooking and surprisingly I've not been told off for this yet.

Maybe next year, I'll develop on to the advanced class of making strings of garlic and onions. Until then, vampires beware!

PS: Just in case you're wondering; my favourite joke is about a man with an orange for a head.


  1. Your work has an allotment? To think that our microwave made me feel special!

    I loooove garlic; we put it in everything, in abundance. Well done, they look fab!

    P.S - If a duck walked into a bar and said anything at all, I'd switch to water! :p x

  2. The people who rent my company the office give each company an allotment (complete with tools!) and there's a free BBQ yearly - this time they even had an ice-cream van. Really good!

    My company though, won't let us have a microwave....apparently we would be too messy. To be fair; they are probably quite right.


  3. nice work... I have a wonderful recipe for garlic flan if you'd like one...

    joke: statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarves are not happy

  4. I'm steering well clear of your jokes, but well done with the garlic. Also wondering, how does a work's allotment work?

    Ah, just read your comment above, so you don't need to answer that question after all.

  5. Nice joke Dom. I'm game for a garlic flan; I've not forgotten the courgette recipes; it's just production seems to have suddenly dried up.


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