Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Post 124: Rosemary Pork and mystery squash fail

I'll take an unconventional approach, and start at the end. This is what it looked like:

Looks ok-ish.

Starting fairly well:
- Green beans al dente: check
- roasted carrots and potatoes a bit overdone and black round the edges; which is viewed as ideal round these parts: check
- Big lump of meat: check
- Rich tomato-ey sauce for a little moisture on the place: check

- There was a strange squash type thing in the VegBox, which look a little like a lemon with a tougher skin. I split it in half, and the texture inside was much like a Courgette's - or any other squashes. I tried to roast it. By the time it came out it looked quite appealing. However, the texture had gone to that of a lemon - I tried to get a forkful and came up with nothing but juice. It just couldn't be eaten.

Through the meal, Mrs VegBox announced that she neither likes Green Beans (too squeaky) nor Rosemary (too much taste of Rosemary).

On friday it got even worse, I got two more of these strange lemon - mush - squashes.

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