Monday, 9 August 2010

Post 118b - Vegetable Stifado Mystery Squash

Another week, another veg box and another mystery squash. I still don't think it looks much like a marrow - marrows are bigger and more stripey.
It went very nicely in the Vegetable Stifado though - so, whatever it is, it's all good.


  1. Yeah, not a clue, looks a bit like an aubergine to me, we have grown some mixed aubergines this year and some of them are white like this. Is it auberginey on the inside?

  2. Ok, definitely not a marrow! Squash can be very hard to identify - can you call your veg box company and ask them?

    Or alternatively not. Most people are not as *perservering* as me for this sort of thing. Rightly so.

  3. sitting so lonely ... bless it's little orphan (and now eaten) status

  4. It's not an aubergine - they have more texture than this had. The texture of this was pretty like a courgette. I'll ask my Veg Box ladies if I bump in to them; although I don't often see them (and eek, this means I currently owe them a lot of money).

    I didn't mean for it to look all lonely and sad. I was just trying to take a proper photo for once, instead of holding it in my hand and taking a photo. Somehow that sounds much more dodgy than taking a photo of an unidentified vegetable. I'll stop now before this gets any more Frankie Howerd.


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