Thursday, 15 July 2010

Post 116: Gigantism of the Vegetables

It's been a little while since I posted my gardening progress. I have gigantism of the courgette and truly massive lettuce - so massive in fact it no longer looks like a lettuce.
I gave one huge lettuce away to a lady at work who has a rabbit: but apparently too much lettuce can lead to rabbitt trots, and that's no good thing for a house rabbit.

Next up is the courgette, this one went from quite small to huge within a week:
It definitely needed to be picked in a hurry. I'd probably already left it a little too long, as already it was slightly watery when cooked. Generally I try to brown the sides of a courgette when I put them in pasta as I think it tastes a little better that way, but this just wasn't possible this time.

Regular visitors to these shores will know my fondness for chorizo pasta dishes, which is what I knocked up here - in the most home grown meal I've managed yet:
- Garlic and onions from the garden
- aforementioned big courgette
- chillies, pepper, and cherry tomatoes which I'd had to buy. Although I'm hoping for chillies and tomatoes soon.
- cook them all and stir through the cooked, drained pasta. No point making life hard is there?

Here it is, not my finest but nice enough:

Several things learned here:
1) Pick courgettes before they get too big (they keep a while in the fridge in any case)
2) Sainsbury's Chorizo isn't as nice as Tesco's (yeah, I know I'd like to avoid supermarket shopping, but needs must sometimes)
3) I like thin pasta best.

What isn't learned yet, is what the be-jaysus I can do with a 2 foot lettuce.


  1. Looks like your lettuces have bolted for freedom. You could always collect the seeds for next year! Have been away for a few days and need to get down to our plot to check our courgettes aren't now marrows, BUT it's lashing it down so no chance today.

  2. imagine the size of the rabbit?

  3. It's still luzzing down and I need to get out in my garden too; what happened to the nice summer we were having?

    It'll be like Wallace and Grommit in Curse of the Wererabbit!


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