Thursday, 15 April 2010

Post 197: It's still too early for Courgettes for to go out

In another display of getting over-excited, here's my Courgette failure. I planted these inside in a propagator three weeks ago, and very quickly they were attempting to force off the lid. The weekend was sunny and nice, so it seemed time to plant them out. And I needed something to christen my new £15 virgin bed.

And then there was just a touch of frost (good name for a telly programme that, eh?) on tuesday morning, and look at the poor little things:

I'd even tried to make them a little shelter from the wind too! Oh well - not deterred, I'll plant some fresh one in the propagator this weekend.


  1. Yes, you're probably about a month early with those, but can well understand getting over excited!

  2. Aww no, sorry to hear the frost got your courgettes. In previous years I've managed to get them outside before now but this year is much more extreme, weather wise.
    Hope you can get some more sprouting indoors so you can try again :o)

  3. But it was soo sunny. It's nearly time for BBQ's and everything!

    Thanks for the commiserations. I managed to restrain myself last weekend: but I'll try to get some more going this next one.


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