Saturday, 27 March 2010

Post 190: First Earlies, Go, go, go!

Not much to see here, I don't suppose. But here's my chitted first earlies going in today. I just about managed to get them in while there was sunshine.

This year, I'm trying to space them out more generously than last. Last year, I got lots of tiny potatoes. I'd like to get some slightly bigger ones. So, I've tried to plant them fairly deeply - and I've got a tonne of soil arriving on monday. Once they've started to come through, I'll top up my raised bed.

I'll start the 2nd earlies chitting tomorrow. Hopefully by the time they're ready to plant, I'll have another raised bed built and ready for planting. It all sounds very productive, but I don't think my vegbox suppliers have anything to worry about just yet.

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  1. Brilliant, we planted some Charlottes in the polytunnel last weekend - will see how they do.


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