Sunday, 14 March 2010

Post 182: Butternut Squashes, just like Buses. This week's bag 14/03/2010

You wait all year for a butternut squash, then one comes along two weeks running.

This week's contents:
  • Marfona potatoes 800gs
  • Carrots 700gs
  • Mixed Onions 500gs
  • Celeriac x1
  • Squash x1 (a big one this week) 
  • Cabbage x1
  • Parnsip 500gs
  • Leek 500gs
  • Portobello Mushrooms 400gs
The mushrooms are another first. I'd been wondering why some didn't turn up occasionally. Always nice when new things come.


  1. You can never have too much squash - I love it done pretty much in any way, but squash curry is my all time favourite.

  2. Squash curry you say, interesting.... do you roast it before you put it in the curry?


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