Sunday, 28 February 2010

Post 175: 28/02/2010 This week's veg box and a little Chocolate P0rn

After the famine bag of two week's ago and then last week's bumper bag it's back to normal this week. What I've got is:

  • Taluca Potatoes 800gs
  • Carrots 700gs
  • Onions 500gs
  • Brocoli x1
  • Kale 350gs
  • Brussels 350gs
  • Tundra Cabbage (this makes it sound so much more interesting than it actually is)
  • Parnsip 500gs (so maybe more roast parsnip soup to come)
  • Leek 500gs
  • Kohl Rabi x1 (one little alien!?)

I'm not sure what I'm going to make with this little lot, but it seems like a fairly flexible bag. I've got a big decision to make this week - do I stick with my 10 item bag, which is going to £11 - or do I go with the basics bag which remains at £10, but has only 6 items, but with more potatoes, onions and carrots.  The smaller bag is more practical, but the bigger one is more interesting!

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts - I've been away for a couple of days. Which I've filled eating waffles.

It's been nice!

Back to semi-healthyness this week.


  1. My goodness those waffles look waffly good ( sorry I couldn't resist and now I have the tune from that advert for Wall's Potato Waffles running through my head). Is that a little pan of cherries I see? If it is I am very jealous. I love kohlrabi and was thinking of growing it this year, but then I keep thinking of things to grow and have used the plot at least twice over already with that thinking.

  2. Chocolate waffles yum or at least I assume they are yum as never had them! Difficult choice - interesting stuff will keep you challenged and on the ball perhaps?

  3. Oh, it's was better than cherries - it was a chocolate sauce made with some very nice dark belgian chocolate (I wouldn't be able to tell it was Belgian, I've not nearly so sophisticated a palate; it's just I was indeed in Belgium at the time).



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