Monday, 22 February 2010

Post 173: Rubbish Tesco Beef

Look at this, it looks almost exactly the way I wanted it to look. Not burnt on the outside, pink in the middle.
Here it is, resting away, just before serving.

This was served with:
- Mash
- roasted mini turnips, carrots and potatoes
- boiled cabbage and kale
- yorkshire puddings
- horseradish; lots of horseradish
- Claret

It should have all been lovely. Even I already knew that Claret and Beef are a winning combination. The beef was like old boots, fatty, gristly, hard to chew. And, by the time I'd got my last slice, it was already cold. All telly chefs say to rest your meat, and I did this - on a warmed plate. I served it onto warmed plates & I don't faff with my food yet still it was still cold. I just don't get it. I don't understand how you're supposed to both rest the meat and serve it hot.

I really must do better at shopping. On saturday I didn't get to the proper butcher's and so this meat was from Tesco's. I really must find the time to get to the butcher's. For the second roast running; (which is rubbish in itself) I've bought meat there and it's been poor. To make amends, today I'm going to go to the finest Butcher's I know and buy myself a big fat steak which I'm certain will be fabulous.

This was the Claret, which was jolly good and fitted very well with the Beef. A least this didn't let me down.


  1. Well I hope that the butcher's steak makes up for it! Very disappointing because it looks perfect. The rest of the meal sounds good and if the wine was good too, well that sort of makes up for it.

  2. You can either: Rest it in an oven turned off with the door slightly ajar(not desirable if you are finishing roasties/making yorkshires or rest it on a warmed plate covered with foil. If I want something to last a long time I put tea towles over the foil. Like my goose on christmas day, which I rested for 40 minutes.

    If you had a microwave or something you could store it in there to rest on your warm place which might help a touch

  3. I never got to the Butcher's, I got distracted by work, which is always a disappointment: having to actually do some work for my living. I've made up for it though with a take-away curry tonight instead.

    I suppose covering the meat while it rests is pretty obvious. I'll have a go at bunging it in the top oven, covered next time.


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