Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Post 170: Moussaka (Bridget Jones recipe)

I like Greece. I've been to many places, I'm probably forgetting some here, I've been to: Keleflonia, Crete twice, Ios, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Zante, Lesvos and the mainland. In every one of these places, I've eaten Moussaka and never yet been disappointed. I think I've been trying to cook my own Moussaka now for 15 years, this is my second go since I've been bloggering. I'm still trying.

This is my latest attempt:
  • 1 big finely chopped onion, fried
  • 3/4's kilo mince (this was meant to be lamb mince, but I used mixed beef and lamb, as that was all the butcher had), fried until brown
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of oregano
  • 3 cloves of garlic (this was my own addition again - Bridget does not seem a fan of garlic)
  • 2 tins chopped tomatoes
  • All this was stirred together ready for layering
  • I then boiled until soft two large potatoes and then sliced then fairly thinly
  • The aubergine, which always seems the tricky bit was sliced and then grilled for 5 minutes.
All this was layered, and then a topping of grated cheddar cheese and single cream was added. I then baked all this for 45 minutes. It looked nice. However, the aubergines were very tough and although I'd boiled the potatoes until they edges had started to disintegrate, some of the slices were still hard even after baking.

For this, Rich recommended a South African Pinotage or a Cypriot Othello. As luck would have it, I even had a bottle of Pinotage. Yay!
I've heard people in restaurants ordering this and thought they sounded pretty sophisticated; it's not house red is it? However, I found it all a bit lightweight and over sweet. Traditonally, I've always drunk Amstel with Moussaka - I might revert to that next time.

So all in, not a good night.


  1. Better luck next time with the Moussaka. We have been to Santorini and Kefalonia and loved both, but especially Kefalonia. Maybe we will go back one day...

  2. Crikey, you do like Greece. I've never yet made it to that part of Europe, but I do feel it calling to me. And of course after reading Captain Correlli's Mandolin, I so want to go to Kefalonia. As for the Moussaka, I had it once and was sick straight afterwards, so didn't really fancy it again. Third time luck - hopefully!

  3. Kath: I'll keep trying: I'm determined to get this right one day.

    Choc: Kath's been to the two islands that are probably the pick - Santorini is the prettiest, and Kefelonia the most laid back. Sunshine, a plate of Greek salad and a cold Amstel, what's not to like?

    Hi Dirty Girl Gardening (nice name!) - it was quite good the next day when I had re-cooked leftovers.



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