Sunday, 14 February 2010

Post 168: Controversy in this week's box 13/02/2010

This week, I got:

  • Tuluca Potatoes 800gs (I've never heard of them either, but they are mid sized handsome spuds)
  • Carrots 700gs
  • Listed onions. But these are missing!
  • Swede x1. This is massive
  • Beetroot 400gs. More pickling coming. If I ever get the hang of it, I might start a factory
  • Tundra x1. Which is a type of cabbage. This is pretty small and the leaves look fairly thick and leathery. It's good to try things, but I'm not sure this ugly little fella would jump off the shelf at me..
  • Celeriac. The list says x1. But 2 teeny weeny ones have arrived. By the time I get the mud and roots off, they are pretty pointless; there'll be nothing much left
  • Parsnips 500gs
  • Leek. It says 500gs. What's actually arrived is one tiny leek of 75gs
  • Kale 250gs
So, from my 10 item box, I'm 1 item completely missing (onions), 1 item is pretty rubbish (celeriac) and 1 item (leek) is almost entirely missing.

So far, I've liked my existing veg box suppliers: they deliver on saturdays which suits me well (then I've got everything ready for sundays which is when I do most cooking), and they're relaxed about payments. But 10 items is what I ordered and 10 items is what I want! - I'll let them know this week's box was a let down and we'll see how they deal with it.....


  1. Oh dear, I hope they bring you a bumper box of good things to make up for it. I am looking forward to the factory, is Bri's dog?

  2. I'm not sure: it's Bri's go on packup next, which normally focuses on coffee with brandy in it rather than anything actually edible. He does make a nice coffee though!

  3. Who needs food when you have coffee with a nip?


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