Monday, 1 February 2010

Post 162: This week's box 31/01/2010. Chilli Pickled Beetroot.

And this week we have:
- desiree potatoes 800gs
- carrots 700gs
- onions 400gs
- beetroot 400gs
- sprouts 400gs
- fennel x1
- swede x1
- celeriac x1
- leek 500gs
- jerusalem artichoke 400gs

Some nice stapled foods at the top of the list there. But it seems to be tuff times in VegBox land at the minute. I've had jerusalem artichokes several weeks running; I've been able to persuade anyone to let me include them in anything so far. Their appearance on last week's One Show probably didn't help either; the consensus was they don't taste of anything and make you trump too much. Pretty much like the view around here.

I have already made myself useful with one of the trickier items: I've pickled the beetroot. To maintain my general chilli obsession, I've added some to it. Recipe:
- boil beetroot for 3 hours
- peel and slice small enough to get through the jar's mouth
- rinse and sterilise a jar
- add in some pepper corns and 4 dried chilli's ripped in half per jar (ripped not chopped so as not to end up eating them)
- add beetroot and pickling vinegar

I would have posted a photo, but it just looks like a Hellman's jar with a slightly red stained label. I've no idea what this will come out like. I'll report in a couple of months!


  1. Oh I miss beetroot - the very sight of it makes my husband gag. Too much of the pickled variety making everything pink when he was a lad. I have always wanted to try Jerusalem Artichokes, but you have put me off that idea now.

  2. Want to see the photo - stained label not withstanding!

    I suffer from the same problem as Kath, a husband who does not want to eat beetroot (although I manage to smuggle it past him in cakes). He also doesn't like Jerusalem Artichokes, but after years of not growing them because of this, I decided to hell with it this year and I've grown lots of them - yum!

  3. Choc: I'll post a photo when I get chance. Not sure there's much to see though. What do you do with Jeruselem's to make them nice?

    Kath: Poor you no beetroot - no cheese and beetroot butties. That's really bad!


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