Friday, 29 January 2010

Post 160: New Butcher Found

It's not at all  a new butcher's but new to me in any case. I'm over the moon, steak and bacon are always a good test of a butcher's. This time I tried, I quality sampled with a steak. I asked for rump, and the butcher duly arrived with a huge lump of meat to slice from. He was a bit quick with his knife (I'm not sure I'd put money on him retiring with all his fingers), and without asking or giving me the chance to speak, he cut a sliver off about 3/4's of an inch thick.

I'm wasn't doing steak candian! (hello Mountain View & San Antonio!) So, I then asked, for a slice about double that thickness. Without wincing (good sign!), he placed his knife on the steak and waited until I gave him the nod.

He weighed the steak and said it was a tad under 2lbs and would cost £8. He was clearly expecting me to tell him to trim a bit. Nah, I thought it looked just perfect for me and our lad. A quick google tonight shows this was about half the price of any online butchers (which just doesn't seem right to me).

- Season both sides and add lots of garlic
- Slap in a griddle pan
- Wait not very long
- Turnover
- Serve medium rare, alongside more garlic (with a few fried mushrooms) and some M&S sliced potatoes.

More meat to come! Can't wait.


  1. That is indeed quite a slab of meat. Did your lad get any of it? A good butcher is a very good find!

  2. Yes, I shared - I'd be in big trouble if I didn't. That was only half!


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