Sunday, 25 October 2009

Post 120: Chocolate Week: Chocolate Coconut flapjack

In celebration of chocolate week - no I didn't know either, until I read about it here and also after some endless mythering from at lad that's off travelling at work, I finally caved in to the pressure and cooked some flapjack. He's off to spend six months sat on a beach, and I had to cook flapjack. I think I may have come second best in this deal. 

Flapjack is meant to be sweet and slightly sticky; but I managed to crank it up to 11 on both counts. I adapted a recipe I found, and hence why it ended up off the scale sweetness.
- 500g big oats (I chose big oats for extra texture, but I'm not sure this improved things)
~150gs coconut
- 250gs demerrara sugar 
- pack of unsalted butter
-1/3rd tin golden syrup

Making flapjack is quite a joy. This even more so, as most of the ingredients, I just used in their packet quantities. I should have used slightly less syrup, making this much, it should be quite stiff to stir.

Even the most convoluted of recipes don't about to much more than heat, stir, bake. The recipe had said to bake these @180 for 15-20 minutes. Maybe because I did two tin's worth I should have added a minute or two. Now, here comes my error. What I should have done, was to test in the middle how well done the flapjack was. Instead, I just trusted the slightly browned edges and the surface.

I then cooled and added onto each a bar of Silver Spoon melted melting chocolate. 1 bar between the two tins would have been ample. When I finally extracted the flapjacks from the tins, they were a goo-ey chocolately mess. All was not lost, I cut them small and put them in the fridge at work and the chill stopped them being too sticky. After that, they were  marked 10/10 by the office  food critic!

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  1. It may no longer be Chocolate Week, but I'm proud of you!


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