Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Post 110: I've returned, with a failed Yorkshire Pudding frenzy

I've returned after a week of moussaka, feta - lots and lots of feta, and prawn saganaki's - yet more feta. I really fancied a proper english dinner. The veg box had been cancelled for this week, and there were only carrots left from before my jollies.

I went for something I've cooked successfully over many years: Roast Pork, Mash, Cauliflower cheese, Carrots and roasted carrots and potatoes. Sadly it appears that my limited cooking skills are still on the baggage carousel at Manchester Ringway.

Look at this for school boy error, no 1: I just bobbed the lard in the bottom of the baking tray. After a load of scraping and burnt fingers, I managed to retrieve about six yorky puds worth from the dozen I cooked.

School boy error no 2: I failed in my attempt to get crackling on the pork. To overcome this, I took the fat off and then sent it back into the oven. It was just about crisp by the time time we were reaching for second helpings.

A very poor show.

On the upside, the peas continue to progress apace, and I'm hopeful to be able to use them to cook with this week!

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