Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Post 28: 15 minute Potato, Leek and Kale soup

After all this playing with growing things, it was time to re-start some cooking. I fib a little when I say I cooked this soup in 15 minutes, because a little simmering time was required.

But here's the recipe and all the effort took under the 15 minutes.
0 to 2 minutes - Roughly chop two mediumish onions and start frying with salt and pepper
0 minutes - Boil kettle
- 2 to 6 minutes: peel and chop 4 biggish spuds
- 7 minutes: make up 1 pint of veg stock and start spuds and stock a-simmering
- 8 minutes: roughly chop 2 gloves of garlic and add to the frying onions
- 9 to 14 minutes: wash and remove the big stalks from 1 bag of kale. Remove outer layer and slice two leeks
- 14 minutes: throw the whole lot in with the simmering stock and spuds
And little pause in elapsed time for simmerage; until the spuds are soft

- 15th minute: And blend

The kale was added because it wanted using and I only had two leeks, so I thought some extra non-spud veg was needed. Turned out pretty good.

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