Monday, 30 March 2009

Post 12 and a little parnsip goes at long way

In a classic of using up everything available, yesterday I made soup. This was composed of:
- a carrot
- three small red onions
- 3 medium parnsip parnsips
- a smallish turnip
- a little leftover kale
- some mashed potatoes
- coriander, garlic and basil
- about a dozen skinny leeks
- three jerusalem artichokes
- Beef stock

Now, besides being not the most appealing food colour I've ever seen, this unholy mess tastes of parsnip: just parsnip. It may be possible to sell this colour to the military as an improvement on their current range of camflage. It tastes though is, whilst not unpleasant a tad strange.

Very healthy - surely it must be. It would be most upsetting if it were not.

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